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30 years of experience in Saint Clair County

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Let Gerald Freeman help with your bankruptcy

At Gerald Mack Freeman, Attorney's office, you can find someone who will be in your corner. He handles bankruptcy law, divorce, custody issues, criminal law, DUIs, domestic violence, estates, family disputes, and more. When you need legal help, put your trust in the attorney with over 30 years of experience. 

Let Attorney Freeman represent your case

When you visit the law office of Gerald Mack Freeman, you will find that he is committed to ensuring you have the best representation for your case - from the beginning to the outcome. Let him help you come up with a plan for solving your legal problems.
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What he offers his clients

Let Attorney Freeman be your advocate for your legal case. He wants to help you with your bankruptcy, criminal charges, DUI, divorce, or other legal problem. He never passes judgment - we've handled enough cases over the past 30 years to know that rough times happen to well-meaning people. Don't put off getting help when it comes to legal problems - he knows it's tempting, but it only makes things worse. 

About our legal practice

Gerald Freeman is committed to providing outstanding representation for all of our clients. He knows the ins and outs of the legal system, and we're happy to help you navigate it. Don't wait to hire legal representation for your case. He is here to help and give you the best chance for the outcome you desire. The earlier we get to work on your case, the better we are able to prepare for your day in court. Don't hesitate, set up your legal consultation appointment with us today!
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